EDIT: Thank god I went forward with talking to the manager about this. She was nothing but understanding about why I did it and that I didn't think there was any harm in it. She unbanned my account.


I don't work on Cam4 anymore. Long story short, I asked them if I could post my blog on my video/profile. They said "You can advertise your personal website on your profile. You can’t post it on other peoples profiles or in their chat."

That's what was said with no further details.

The only reason I even asked this question was because people were recording my cam sessions on Cam4 and I didn't want shit to get stolen and if it did, it would point back to here (as a way to get a hold of me) ala watermark.

So, in my dismay, I try to log in and I can't. They told me since I advertise other sites on my blog, I am in violation.

Instant tears.

I finally found a fucking cam site that I didn't get anxiety over broadcasting and now I'm banned for something I had no idea that I could be banned for.

I'm exhausted and now looking for another site.

I gotta suck it up. I actually liked that place, too. Which is rare. :(

Lots of shit going on!

I haven't been updating this as much as I should!

Let me tell you what's being going on!

-Working on getting a decent billing method to payment(only a few more days!).
-Creating photo sets.
-Mundane human chores (fucking laundry).
-Looking at quality websites that I'd like to get on with.

At the moment I'm only taking Amazon Gift cards as a trade for any videos or photo sets. :)

So, basically, I'm starting from scratch here and I'm slowly but surely making it happen.